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Lime Tree Planetarium / Multifunctional Education Centre

Initial rendering of the proposed Planetarium - 2018


The Planetarium under construction - 12 / 2020

The Lime Tree Planetarium project took place from 2018 to 2023.  The plan was to convert one of the farm's existing barns in to a multifunctional space for talks, demonstrations, indoor and outdoor crafts and, of course a 6.4 metre diameter immersive theatre / planetarium for astronomy use.

We are now able to host groups of up to 25 people on a mixture of cinema seating, standard seating and beanbags on the floor, with underfloor heating.

Fire sign in gallery 2.png

Updated render of the planetarium gallery - 07 / 2021

dome render b.png

Updated render of the auditorium - 07 / 2021

Young viewers in the auditorium exploring the solar system.  06 / 2022.

Fully Furnished.  10 / 2022.

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