Lime Tree Planetarium / Multifunctional Education Centre

Initial rendering of the proposed Planetarium - 2018


The Planetarium under construction - 12 / 2020

The Lime Tree Planetarium project is currently underway.  The plan is to convert one of the farm's existing barns in to a multifunctional space for talks, demonstrations, indoor and outdoor crafts and, of course a 6.4 metre diameter immersive theatre / planetarium for astronomy use.

Once completed (Early 2022 hopefully) we will be able to host groups of up to 30 people on a mixture of cinema seating, standard seating and beanbags on the floor, with underfloor heating.

Fire sign in gallery 2.png

Updated render of the planetarium gallery - 07 / 2021

dome render b.png

Updated render of the auditorium - 07 / 2021

The auditorium with seating and beanbags.  Latest image. Still under construction! - 09 / 2021

The Planetarium will feature programming curated by the British Fulldome Institute


The project will not be cheap to realise. We are hoping to obtain funding from various sources such as the National Lottery and the STFC, but also via donations and gifts from local companies and residents.

If you would like to make a donation towards this project, however small please go to the link below to make a direct PayPal donation.

Thank you