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We are constantly striving to make Lime Tree Observatory and Planetarium as accessible as possible to those with special requirements.  Please see below for details.

The Car Park

Our twenty-space car park is a large area made of loosely compacted gravel. Approximately half of it is on a slight slope, but the path access to the observatory is on the level.  Wheelchairs can easily be used on the surface.

Access Path

The path from the car park to the observatory and planetarium is firm asphalt and is around 100m  long.  If this distance is too great for members of your party, please contact us ahead of your booking as we have alternative parking for those requiring it.

The Observatory

The presentation room of the observatory is wheelchair accessible, with only a small lip over the threshold.  Sadly, the observing room itself only has stair access to the main telescope.  We do have a range of other high quality telescopes that can be adjusted to allow most abilities to access the eyepiece.

The Planetarium

Our newest facility at Lime Tree Farm is the immersive planetarium theatre. This building is fully wheelchair accessible, and has both standard and accessible toilet facilities. The auditorium itself has a hearing loop system fitted for those who use hearing aid with a T-setting.


We endeavour to cater for all abilities at Lime Tree.  If anyone within your group has special requirements, such as needing more frequent breaks in the program, or having a quiet space to retreat to, please let the team know ahead of your booking, so that we can make arrangements.

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