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Our presenters are all volunteers and in many cases self-taught on the intricacies of astronomy and spaceflight. If you are looking for a speaker for your group (Rotary, U3A, WI, Scouting etc.) then please get in touch via email here.

The standard fee is £50, plus £10 for every full 10 miles away from Ripon that the Speaker has to travel.

(Example York: 25 miles, so £50+£20 = £70 total)

Talks available:

John Wall: Instruments & Inventions
The story of the man who built our observatory's telescope and his colourful life in astronomy.
Reverse Through The Universe Pt I
A "scale of all things" talk, taking us on a journey from inside the human eye right out to the outer limit of our Solar System.
Reverse Through The Universe Pt II
A continuation from Part 1, in which we travel from our own Solar System right out to the edge of the observable universe.
The Winter Solstice
Often paired with the Star of Bethlehem talk, this 20 minute short discusses what the Winter Solstice is, and how is has been celebrated throughout history.
The Star of Bethlehem
A talk suitable for the end of the calendar year, we look in to options for what the possible cause of the Star of Bethlehem was.
A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy
Suitable for younger groups and novices, this talk highlights basic constellation recognition, discusses phases of the Moon and other simple concepts.
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